The Short and Sweet Historical Significance Behind These Halloween Symbols and Traditions

These days, Halloween is synonymous with trick-or-treating and ghoulish costumes. But, like every other holiday, it has evolved over time, and for that reason, many of the festivities and symbols we associate with October 31st are steeped in tradition. In some cases, these symbols even date back hundreds of years! Learn more about your favorite spooky holiday with the history behind 3 popular Halloween superstitions and symbols.

Black Cats

Black cats get a bad reputation for being unlucky. Unfortunately, they can blame historical tales for that. In the Middle Ages, people associated black cats with the devil and considered them partially responsible for the Black Plague. It was also believed that witches used black cats as animal companions, and in Scotland, the Cat Sith was believed to be a giant black cat who robbed the souls of the dead from the gods. Today, we know that these silly superstitions are just old tales!


Nocturnal monsters are a common figure in mythology, and there are various figures in tales from all over the world that has contributed to our modern-day understanding of vampires. In China, evil spirits called jiangshis attack people and drain their energy, and in India, demons are noted for their blood-sucking characteristics. However, it wasn’t until 1897, when Bram Stoker released his famous novel Dracula, that we became familiar with today’s vampire prototype.

Halloween Costumes

According to the Celts, souls would come back to earth during Samhein (a Gaelic occasion similar to Halloween). If one came to your door dressed as a beggar and was turned away, you’d be cursed by the spirit. Another story comes from the ancient Catholic Church, who named November 2 All Souls’ Day in 1000 A.D. Many dressed up as saints, angels, and devils to celebrate, and Irish and English children, in particular, dressed in costume and ask for food and money.

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