Kick Boredom to the Curb with Our Ideas for Quarantine Activities

Novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, is sweeping the nation, closing universities and businesses across the United States. As a result, a lot of us are under mandatory self-quarantine, in an attempt to reduce the spread of the highly infectious virus. While you’re home, you might be wondering how best to spend your time, now that you’ve got more free time on your hands than before. Here are a few great ideas.

Clean, cook or do other productive tasks.

Knocking out useful tasks around your apartment will give you a sense of accomplishment, while also forcing you to get up and move around. Maybe, you’ve been meaning to declutter your desk or perhaps, you feel like you finally have the time to complete that Pinterest project. Now is the perfect opportunity to cross these items off your to-do list. You can also dedicate yourself to some good, old-fashioned organization. The possibilities are endless.

Take time to connect with friends and family.

You may not be able to see family and friends in person, but thankfully, there’s always the Internet for connecting to others, no matter where they are. You can agree to simply chat face-to-face, using your smartphones’ video capabilities or take advantage of newly released apps, like Netflix Party—which allows you to stream TV shows or movies, while simultaneously chatting with your family members or friends. No matter how you go about it, you can bet that catching up with friends and family virtually will give you that much-needed, feel-good effect.

Enjoy plenty of relaxing activities.

Stressed out about coronavirus? You’re not alone in feeling this way. That's why relaxing any way you can is crucial during the quarantine. Try relaxation techniques that generally work for everyone, like reading, exercising, and enjoying repetitive activities, like crocheting or meal prep. You can also try meditation, which can reduce your heart rate and quiet an overworked mind.

Lakes at North Port Apartments in North Port, Florida goes above and beyond to improve your daily lifestyle with our spacious floor plans, unparalleled amenities, and incomparable customer service. We hope these tips will inform, educate, and ultimately, provide you with a better way-of-life.

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