If Your Gym Is Closed or at Limited Capacity, You Will Want to Heed This Advice

When your gym is closed or at limited capacity, avoiding weight gain can be difficult, especially with added stress. If you've had to forsake workouts while coronavirus sweeps the nation, you might be struggling with settling into a new normal when it comes to your fitness regimen. If you’re someone who would like to kickstart an exercise routine while in quarantine, you may wonder how in the world to do so effectively when it seems like the odds are stacked against you. But, don’t lose hope! This practical advice can help you stave off weight gain (or even lose weight) while remaining healthy and strong.

Create a routine.

If you’re already knocking out weekly exercise goals, you know that adults need at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week, plus muscle-strengthening activities two days per week. Unfortunately, these minimum requirements don’t change just because a pandemic is in effect. Your best bet to continually hit these targets is to create a daily exercise routine. Carve out a time each day to complete a specific activity, like jogging around your community or completing an online training course. Do whatever you can to adhere to this routine, and you’ll inevitably see results.

Leverage bodyweight exercises.

To maintain muscle mass or even build it at home, try your hand at bodyweight exercises two to three times per week. You can try squats, planks, lunges, push-ups, crunches...the list goes on and on! No need for weights – these routines can be done using your own body mass. However, you can always make the moves more challenging by using dumbbells or household items, like books, water jugs, and rice bags. Though they may not be the same as the gym’s fancy cardio equipment, bodyweight exercises will help you keep up with your strength training while discouraging weight gain.

Don't give up!

It can be tempting to take a break from exercise until restrictions are lifted. You might be tired of at-home workouts or find that you’d rather take advantage of your time off and lounge around, instead. But, hanging in there when the going gets tough is key to reaching lifelong health goals.

When your motivation is at an all-time low, remember that even minimal exercise like pacing, walking in your apartment, or walking upon ad down steps offers benefits over sitting. Not to mention, any level of activity will help you enjoy an enhanced mood, boosted metabolism, and lower stress levels.

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