3 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Cosmetics with New Items

Take a good look at your makeup collection, and you’ll likely come across at least one expired product – or, if you’re likely many people, several bottles of years-old foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, and more. Though no one likes to toss their pricey or ultra-flattering cosmetics, the truth is that these products do go bad over time and must be replaced periodically. Just how bad is “bad”? Here are 3 impacts of keeping old makeup, which is sure to convince you to clean out your makeup drawer.

Old makeup is less effective.

You purchase makeup based upon its ability to do what its label promises, right? So, don’t allow your cosmetics to lose their effectiveness due to their age. As your favorite products get older, their ingredients age, as well, resulting in the breaking down of cosmetics’ chemical compounds. In turn, these products can breed bacteria, or at the very least, not perform as well as they should on your skin.

Old makeup can cause bacterial infections.

Speaking of bacteria, using old cosmetics can result in breakouts and infections on your skin. This is because old cosmetics have had fingers and brushes dipped in them repeatedly – fingers and brushes that were likely dirtier than you may have thought at the time. Foundation and mascara are particularly guilty of harboring bad bacteria since both are exposed to air and allow bacteria to enter the tube.

Old makeup smells and looks bad.

If the threat of bacterial infection isn’t enough to convince you to throw out your old products, consider the fact that old makeup simply looks and smells bad. Over time, expired cosmetics will start to smell a little sour and turn a different color. You might even notice that your makeup is starting to dry out, which will only further irritate your skin, eyes, and lips. Play it safe and toss your products ASAP.

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