Make Apartment Living Even Better With One of These 4 Dogs That Are Perfect for the Space

As an apartment resident, you might believe that you can’t comfortably accommodate having a dog. Perhaps, you’re concerned about the size of a pet or the noise level of owning a dog. After all, you’d like to remain on your neighbors’ good side! Despite your worries, there is good news: some dog breeds are actually well-suited for apartment dwellers, who don’t have the space to accommodate larger or more demanding breeds. Check out these 4 wonderfully lovable options.

Bichon Frise

Looking for a charming, hypoallergenic pet? Bichon Frises make great companions for apartment dwellers, thanks to their small size – they hover around 15 pounds – and playful demeanor. They’re also known for being friendly and can adapt to new people easily.


Pugs, with their signature short snouts and wrinkly faces, are known to inspire devotion in their owners – and, for good reason! Pugs have a mischievous, loving personality, and tend to be homebodies, which makes them excellent choices for apartment dwellers who must keep them inside most of the time.

Boston Terrier

If a small, sharp pet is what you’re looking for, a Boston Terrier might be the perfect fit for you. Their smooth, short coats make grooming a breeze, while their lively, eager-to-please demeanor makes them an ideal companion for anyone living in a rental home.

Shih Tzu

In the market for a fun, family-friendly pet? Shih Tzus are a popular, apartment-friendly option! These adorable pets are affectionate and great with children. They also tend to get along with other dogs, as well, making them perfect for apartment dwellers looking to add to their four-legged family.

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